Twinkle twinkle


Born in solitude, in solitude dead.
Barely two sparkles, all things I have seen;
two extreme conditions, but empty in between:
from fire to ice my life has been wed.
It started with pressure, everything bled.
Burning and swirling, not easy to glean
whatever it was, whatever it’s been.
Somewhere I heard: «from a star only a shred».
But I think it was more than just a «bang»
what pushed me, out of that hell, into space,
until I felt of cold a sudden pang
and I disappeared firing a trace…
Tell me, scientist, wisdom and aplom:
where does Cherenkov light say I come from?


Pablo Fernández de Salas


Este poema vio la luz por primera vez gracias a un concurso organizado por la colaboración experimental IceCube. El siguiente enlace lleva al tweet original: Twinkle twinkle.

La entrada original donde se presenta una traducción al castellano de este soneto podéis encontrarla aquí. Y en este otro enlace encontraréis el poema traducido: Centellea, centellea.